January 27, 2012

Goodwill Grand Opening in Ballantyne

Today, I had the unique opportunity of having a sneak preview of the new Goodwill in Charlotte's Ballantyne area. We started with a behind the scenes tour of the operation & progressed to the retail floor. Several bloggers (Mr. Goodwill Hunting, SuperChyc & If The Shoe Fits) were present & we had the joy of exchanging thrifty giggles as we browsed through their extensive clothing collection that included lots of vintage & new clothing items from Saks, Sears, J Crew, etc. Click here for more info about the grand opening...here's what you can expect:

Did you know, not all items that are donated are usable. Some items end up at the Goodwill Outlet while others like heavily worn shoes may find a new home of the feet of someone in a third world country. Fashionistas work behind the scenes to sort the designer/name brand merchandise from the non-designer clothing & price them accordingly. After all, the store is in business to make money. Stores hang/display approximately 16,000 new items each week.

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