October 11, 2011

Day 1: on the road this week- vacation time!!!

I love mixing work and play. With the availability of Wi-Fi at the public library on Sapelo Island, I can weave in a little work in between lots of rest time.

A sweet note to a dear friend: the rain has stopped but it's very windy. gonna be on the island alone tomorrow...corey has school, sis has a volunteer appointment & larry is working. want to wet a hook even though it's too windy. will try to fish behind the university from the little bridge. should provide some protection from the winds. on the way home on the 3:30 boat, i actually saw blue sky. the roads are really muddy. i'm enjoying my time alone in the chataeu. i took a good nap today...not too long. while visiting the red piano on st helena today, the owner offered me a one week stay in her home & the opportunity to learn how the gallery works. i think they like me ;-) she said i could come during heritage days but that's the same time as la's birthday. she said it was up to me so i may look at the new year. i'm pretty booked between now and Christmas.

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