August 01, 2011

Recent Fashion Misses ;-(

I've been dedicating time & resources to updating my wardrobe. Having recently left my very corporate 9 to 5 job, I'm rediscovering fashion & my own sense of style. I'm enjoying the process of cleaning out my closet & replacing my drab black, blue & gray conservative corporate wardrobe with lots of color & fun accessories. The fun can sometimes get sucked out of the process when online orders arrive & they totally miss the mark!
Totally gorgeous shoe but it was waaaaay too high at only 3 1/2 inches! So, I took it to my local cobbler. The nice lady behind the counter said they couldn't cut down the heel...said maybe by 1/4 inch at the most. Woe is me! I had high (no pun intended) hopes for this Miz Mooz shoe, fashionably named Salima, from Nordstrom on sale for $79.90. 

This dress...hmmm, not sure who would look good in it. Upon closer insprection, I'm not sure the model looks good in this Crepe de Chine Suzi Chin Maggy dress, also from Nordstrom. I blame myself for getting the fabric wrong...being I just looked at the picture & not the description or the name of the dress. I own this fashion miss...totally!

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