April 17, 2011

Gardening is the best therapy!

My mother passed away just over a week ago from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs. This has been a difficult time for me but my garden has been my sanctuary & I wanted to share some pictures of how nicely it's coming along. My sister is a blogger too so more details can be found on her blog about my mother's legacy. I encourage you to read it & be inspired. Mama Dianne was a fellow artist & she always had a good idea for a project. Mama was an avid gardener & she taught me how to love & cultivate the ground so it could reach its fullest potential.

Tulips - I planted these the first year we moved into this house. They are such a spring treat. Daddy says I should add red ones. What do you think?

Succulents in a pot.

Merry mint...can you say mojitos!

Purple Iris - I picked up a couple bulbs from my grandmother's yard a few years ago & they have multiplied beyond belief. I've started moving them around the yard to fill in empty spaces. They are low maintenance...very low maintenance! Love them!

This was an old rusted trellis that I've had for years. It dawned on me that a little pain on the butterflies would add some much needed life and color to this piece of rusted iron.

Hydrangea coming into its own, hosta and daisies.

My spot in the sun.

Yard art. Running out of room in the house for all of my projects!

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