January 08, 2011

Tea Party Birthday

Question - how do I create a fabulous 13th birthday party for my daughter...on a serious budget?

Since Christena was old enough to help pull together a party, we've been creating birthday magic each summer. We used to create handmade invites and it gave me the opportunity to teach her about the RSVP process. This past summer, Christena took the reigns of her party and required very little help from me...to my dismay. On one hand, I was proud that she had learned her 'party hostess with the mostess' lesson but on the other hand, I was secretly sad about stepping to the side and allowing my young lady to run the show. Did someone say control freak disguised as a sneeze?

I gave Christena unprecedented access to my fine china and serving dishes. She made all of the food - chicken salad, pudding in graham cracker crusts, strawberry shortcake, pepperoni dip & deviled eggs. I have a confession, it was really a tea-less tea party but who cares? It was big fun for the girls. As the guests arrived, I faded quickly into the background and let them create their own party flavor through conversation and laughter.

Flowers from my garden.

My first time planting sunflowers and they were ready just in time for the party. Total cost: approx $50 - invites were sent online, major cost = food, dress was cool find for less than $5, white gloves = donation from Mama Sandi (thanks for your support). Everything else came from my stash of pretty stuffs ;-) Be inspired!

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