March 01, 2010

sunset on st helena island, sc

I love to visit The Red Piano Too Art Gallery to refresh my jewelry and to chat with owner, Ms. Mary Mack and museum curator and artist, Victoria Smalls. Although we talk via email often, nothing replaces the face-to-face interaction of a personal visit. The ride south takes about five hours from Concord, NC but once off I95, the air fills with the smell of the marsh, mom and pop shops crop up along the way, and I know my journey is coming to an end.

The Penn Center, located about five minutes from The Red Piano Too Art Gallery is where I love to stay when I visit. You can see from this amazing sunset why I would have it no other way. Not only is the view fantastic, the waterfront Retreat House offers a unique opportunity to connect with the past.

The house was built for the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a special place to write speeches, relax and ponder his next steps. Unfortunately, Dr. King was assassinated before he had a chance to stay in this house.

The Retreat House  - front view.

Back view - large windows for a good view of the marsh.
Click here for more pictures of The Penn Center.

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