February 26, 2010

The Depot at Gibson Mill

Each Sunday, I embark on an 'artist date'. This is time for me and me only. I refresh my antique booth with new items and while I'm out and about, I visit local thrift stores in search of interesting things, vintage things. This past Sunday, I visited Concord, NC's newest antique mall, The Depot at Gibson Mill. I spent a little time outside, taking in the structure of the old mill, took a few pictures and enjoyed the warm sun on my face.

My parents are originally from this area and as I grew up, we made a lot of trips this way to visit the grandparents. I always knew this was a big time mill town because of the presence of Cannon Mills but as a resident, I am even more aware of just how integral the mills were to this community. Some mills stand empty but like Gibson Mill, several have been turned into urban dwellings and unique storefronts. You are compelled to appreciate the vintage structures, the sturdiness they convey and the lingering sentiment of an era gone by. These structures are finding staying power by offering lots of space and lots of brick to add character.

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