December 25, 2009

Sharing Seeds from Summer

My flower garden is my sanctuary. I let the seeds float on the wind and sow where they may. The randomness appeals to me because I know each seed has selected the perfect spot to grow.

Zinnias, Foxgloves, Rose of Sharon and Lillies are some of the many flowers I love to grow. In addition to being hardy plants, they produce an abundance of seeds. This small kit is a great way to gift a garden. 

The outside is covered in cheerful Japanese paper. The inside parts provide the seed descriptions for each numbered canister.

1. Deep Orange Zinnia
2. Truest Pink Zinnia
3. Yellow Day Lily
4. Orange Cosmos
5. Pale Pink Zinnia
6. Foxglove
7. Rose of Sharon
8. A Little Bit from Kristi
9. Mystery Flower #1
10. Mystery Flower #2

Most of the flowers in this kit are "Usually Deer Resistant". Good Luck! with your garden.

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