December 23, 2009

Hot Spiced Wine

It's not too late to create an extra special beverage to warm the soul for the holidays. Don't hesitate to whip up this 'tried, true & tested' recipe by The Spice Hunter.

1 quart Burgundy Wine (merlot worked the best)
2 cups Sweet Vermouth
1/3 cup sugar or honey (we used sugar)
2 T. Mulling Spices for Cider or Wine (place in a large tea infuser, tie in cheesecloth,  strain after mulling or do like we did & tie the spice up in a coffee filter)

Add all ingredients in a large saucepan. Heat to just below boiling point. Mull to taste (approximately 20 minutes). Remove spice and serve hot in mugs or cold with ice.

A friend made this at our annual holiday bake-fest & it was a BIG hit!

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