October 28, 2009

Sapelo Island's Cultural Day 2009

I've been attending Sapelo's Cultural Day for several years now. It's become a sort of a pilgrimage back to my roots every third weekend in October. Some members of my family have a regular tradition of attending Camp Meeting in the summer. My tradition is Cultural Day. My sis says it's a lot like Camp Meeting where you attend church service all day and in the evening, you hang out with family and friends and remember the old days and appreciate the new.

There were vendors and I've done the gambit while making this yearly trip. Sometimes I worked in Leigh's Kitchen, serving up conch salad or sweet potatoe fries. During other years, I partnerned with Mama and Doti. We served up hot funnell cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lately, I've been volunteering in Sapelo's Hog Hammock Public Libarary booth, to support efforts to raise money for the island's only library. I helped people share what they geeked as part of a national campaign to raise awareness about public libraries. My sister, Michele Nicole Johnson, promoted her latest book by hosting a book signing. I blogged about her earlier this year. Moondoonie (aka me) donated earrings with all proceeds benefiting the library.

To 'geek' something is to share what you are passionate about. For example, my friend Rachel geeks 'anything vintage'. I geek dogs and jewelry. What do you geek?

                                                     Mulletta the Mermaid

Visitors, spending time with us.

My sis, Michele, posing with Jerome's Sweet Grass Baskets.

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