September 04, 2009

Discovering Me...

It took me a while to figure out that I am a southerner. Having grown up a military brat, we moved from one place to another every so many years. At each stop along life's twists and turns, my parents always took us to North Carolina to visit our grandparents and other relatives. But during Dad's many duty stations, they kept us busy by exposing my sister and I to museums, caverns, zoos, plays, concerts and other places of interest. We did a lot of fishing too!

Living on military bases provided me with many lessons in diversity. I've integrated a lot of what I saw in those days into my life and I was shaped by these experiences. Neighbors shared their culture through social gatherings and everyday conversation.

Amazingly, I was good and grown before I navigated the maze of what I'd been taught and exposed to. My journey resulted in my complete acknowledgement and understanding that I'm a "bonifide Southerner" and an appreciation of what that means. Armed with a grounded sense of self, I started sprinkling words into my vocabulary like yonder, piddlin, fair to midland, and "a month of Sundays"...just to name a few. Mind you, my Southern accent comes and goes depending on the situation so I get strange looks when certain words come out of my mouth before I have a chance to think.

I'd like to hear from you...where are you from and what experiences shaped your sense of self?

As always, thank you for following my blog & I'm wishing everyone a safe & fun-filled holiday weekend!


  1. I love these kinds of stories! My mom is French (that's where I was born) and my dad is American, also a military brat who grew up in dozens of states as well as Moscow and Berlin in his childhood. His job has taken us from Colorado, to England, to France, to Germany. Now I'm about to move on my own to university in Edinburgh, Scotland. I LOVE that there are so many cultures I've experienced and, as tacky as it might sound, I have been shaped by all of them. I consider Lyon, France, where I was born and where all my mom's family is, to be my home, if only because that's the only place we've always gone back to for family visits. I've learned a new language (German) and seen so many sites throughout Europe, and I love that I have interesting stories from so many places. Experiences that a lot of people will never have. It makes me soo happy to have had such amazing luck in my upbringing.

  2. Luck is probably the best way to describe our experiences. I was born in Rota, Spain. My husband and I went to Spain a few years ago. That was interesting since I was so young when my parents were moved back to the states. We plan to go back again and again.

    Thank you for sharing your story & keep in touch.