August 16, 2009

DIY Project: Two-Tiered Entertaining

The holidays will be here before we know it. If you are like me, you'll have people over at one time or another. Space will be at a premium so why not take your food up a notch. No, I don't mean cooking and fancy spices, I am referring to how you display your food to maximize that precious cabinet and table space. This DIY project for a two-tiered plate display is inexpensive, fast and easy to make.

2 Plates (1 of each - Dinner and Salad)
Glass glue (I used E-6000)
1 Wine Glass
Step 1: Place the salad plate upside down on a table. Squeeze glass glue on the outer rim of the bottom of the wine glass. Affix it to the center of the bottom of the salad plate.
Step 2: Squeeze glass glue around the rim of the wine glass. Place the salad plate and wine glass to the center of dinner plate (rightside up).

Step 3: Allow to dry for a few hours.
Care: Handwash.

This is a simple and elegant way to entertain in style, while staying within your budget.


  1. What a great idea! Simply genius.

  2. Thanks! It was so amazingly easy. I made three of them for my party!

  3. I love the beautiful plates and glasses I see at flea markets, but you can usually only get on or two-now I know exactly what I can do with them!

  4. You are on the right path. Keep in mind that the plates don't have to match exactly. Have fun with it!