July 27, 2009

Seconds Anyone?

Anyone who makes anything knows that things don’t always turn out right. Over the past several months, I have amassed quite a collection of ‘seconds’. They weren’t good enough to sale but they were too good to just throw away. I knew that the stars and moon would align and these items, mostly pendants and rings, would find a home…eventually.

Indeed they found a home when my favorite daughter (and yes, she’s my only daughter) had a slumber party Saturday for seven of her friends. During the day, we hung out at the pool and went to a Luau Saturday night. After returning home, my husband and I retreated to our room upstairs so that the girls could have their freedom and do what tween girls do which is giggle and think of new things to giggle about.

Around 2:00 a.m., I had had enough of the giggling. I went downstairs to see what they were up to and one of them asked me about my studio. I took them on a tour and I showed them my stash of ‘seconds’. To my delight, they all exclaimed that they were beautiful and that they saw nothing wrong with them. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get them to see why they didn’t make the cut. They had hit the jackpot and they saw nothing wrong with the blobs of glue puddle under the glass and the less than perfect edges on the pendants and rings.

I was intrigued by their excitement so I whipped out my tube of glue and created rings for all of them. They traded and bargained with each other for the ones they liked the best. After the gluing was complete, we set them on the shelf to dry until the next morning. As we prepared for breakfast at the IHOP, I glanced at their fingers which were heavy with my creations. I’m glad my ‘seconds’ finally found a home and it goes to show that patience pays off because those items were surely destined for the trash.


  1. Kids give us such great perspective!

  2. I agree. What I considered trash was their treasure. I was so excited that they wanted the items.