July 21, 2009

Red Piano Too - 17th Annual Summer Show

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see something or think of something that I would love to write about on my blog. I’ve been missing my blog family and please accept my sincere apologies for not updating you all on my whereabouts. I’ve been around and aside from a short trip to Sapelo Island for the Fourth of July, I’ve been tucked away in my studio creating.

On August 8th, I’ll be heading down south (again) with some of my good friends, to visit the Red Piano Too. On this special day, they will host their 17th Annual Summer Show. I went last year and the gallery was packed with shopping and chatting people. In preparation for this show, I created several new pieces of jewelry that embodied (I think) the spirit of the low country. Faceted beads with natural elements were the cornerstone of the collection that I mailed to the gallery yesterday. The colors in the collection were reminiscent of water, sand and the sky.

The Red Piano Too has been one of my strongest supporters of my art work. Not only do they provide me with an artistic outlet to share my work with others, as does my Etsy site, but the personal interaction I have with the curators is nice too. Currently, the Red Piano Too is the only place you can purchase my jewelry in a store environment. I have high hopes of cultivating additional relationships as I grow as an artistic. I'll be sure to update ya'll with all the happenings from this trip. Belive you me, this isn't all about business ;-).

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