June 22, 2009

Say it loud...I am my mother's child!

I am my mother’s child. When I was a little girl, I used to wonder if I had been switched at birth. I couldn’t see me in anyone in my family. As I’ve come into my own, I see my mother in my reflection in the mirror, I see my father’s mother staring back at me when I look at pictures. There’s no doubt where I come from.

Just over a year ago, my mother was diagnosed with ALS. It was devastating news for everyone that was close to her. Mom is the creative type, very hands on. If you had an idea, she could tell you exactly how to make it happen and she probably had all the materials stashed away in her ‘craft room’ to get it done. She could sew anything, upholster furniture, paint whimsical pictures on walls and furniture, grow an awesome garden and decorate a house…all of this with one hand tied behind her back (smile). The ALS started at her feet and it has slowly worked its way up her body. She has limited use of her right hand and her left hand sits idle on her lap. Her voice is softer and you have to lean in close to catch what she’s saying these days. It’s a very hard thing to watch. We keep smiling and loving because it’s what we do best.

We’ve grown closer as a family. The more I get to know and understand Mama, the more I am her. When I am faced with a challenge, I consult her and then turn to Dad to help make it happen. I come from awesome parents and the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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  1. Oh I can relate to living with someone with an illness. It is very hard to watch and deal with at times. However, as you know, things like this bring people closer and you begin to see through faults and negatives and only see the good.

    From one apple to another, I wish you the best :)