June 24, 2009

Organizing, Creating & Jewelry Making

This past Saturday, I spent the day making jewelry, organizing my studio and running here and there to gather supplies. I didn’t have any ‘perfect balance’ moments like my blog buddy Rocki but I did feel pretty good about my accomplishments. I am refining my ring making process and I found that foil sheets work better than the strips. Adding little strips of foil to the back of a tiny, round piece of glass was a bit much for my nerves and fingers. My sister suggested that adhesive foil might come in sheets and low and behold, she was right! Talk about time saving! When the item is soldered, the foil sheet prevents the flux from getting on the decorative paper. The finished product has been revolutionized! This is exciting because I hate troubleshooting but it's all apart of my quest to be more patient and finish what I start.

Since my son graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been playing around with making graduation announcements. I found that I enjoyed creating them but that I am less excited about addressing the envelopes and mailing them. Hmmm... My daughter, Christena got in on the deal and talked me into making invitations with her for her 12th birthday party in late July. We “partnered” on the project with me doing most of the work while she let me know what she did and didn’t like. Christena claimed that she doesn’t cut paper as neatly as I do so she sat back and listened to her iPod while I cut and pasted the day away. I enjoyed her company nonetheless. It was nice having some company in my studio because usually, it's a solitary experience.

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