June 04, 2009

June travels & Moondoonie’s 1st ever give-away

Ya’ll should know by now that I really like to travel. More importantly, I like to drive to my destinations so that I can take in all the stuff in between point A and B. My friends think that I’m insane for driving so much but to me, it boils down to personal preference. Think about it, by the time I drive to the airport, park, check-in, go through security, wait to board my plane, wait some more to get in the air, wait to get off the plane, grab any checked luggage, pick up my rental…I figure, why not drive? Last year, I bought a Hybrid Camry and I have almost 40,000 miles on it already! I buy my cars for the long haul and I buy them to drive them wherever I want to go.

Driving allows me to take detours, planned an unplanned. The spontaneity of it all appeals to me immensely. One of these days, I am going to drive across the country but I’m not too sure about driving back. I might have to catch a plan for that one. Did I mention that I get motion sickness when I fly? Don’t get me wrong, I fly as much as possible because I like to visit friends and see new places but it’s not my first choice.

This weekend, I’m headed back to Sapelo Island, Georgia to visit with my sister and take in the outdoors. The kids are going with me and we’ll spend plenty of time working on our tans at the beach.

Now for my first ever give-away. Between now and through the end of June, become a follower of my blog AND reply to this post by including your name & email address. This makes you eligible for the drawing. On July 1st, everyone that replied to this post will be put into a drawing (a hat to be exact) and some lucky person will win my very own Purple Haze, copper (by Aunali) earrings. They are valued at $16.50.

By the way...I need to give a shout out to my oldest, Vas, who is graduating from high school on June 11th! I am soooo proud of him. I'll post a picture or two once we attend the ceremony.


  1. Have a great holiday. I love freebies too! You will know me as creativekiwi on etsy. Aka Donna

  2. How I would LOVE to travel as much as you! We haven't been able to get around much lately, but hope to escape for at least a week this summer.

    Okay, so for the give-away, I'm in! You know where to find me on Etsy :)

    Happy Friday girl!

  3. I came across your blog through another, saw the name Moondoogie and was instantly intrigued. So I decided to follow your blog.

    Oh! I do like those earrings and my birthday is at the end of the month. So fingers and toes are crossed.

  4. Thank you for participating in my first ever give-away. I had fun and I can't wait to do more.