June 25, 2009

Finding Inspiration in Relationships

This weekend, I’ll be on the road again, traveling to Jacksonville, Florida. Unlike my many other road trips, I will not be in search of inspiration; I will be seeking a muse of a different sort. Relationships and the stories that they create feed my soul in a different way.

I was born in Rota, Spain and during this time, my parents created strong, lasting friendships with several Navy couples. They lived in close proximity in Navy housing and they spent countless hours keeping each other company. Mrs. Faye and Mr. Hen were among these life-long friends that they passed the time with. My sister and I have heard countless stories of bowling alleys and playing cards into the night.

In the mid 70’s we moved to Norfolk, Virginia as part of the military's process of moving folks from place to place every so many years. Shortly after we moved into base housing, Mrs. Faye and Mr. Hen were close behind us and they moved into a duplex one street over. Mom and Mrs. Faye were like two peas in a pod. They shopped, sewed and designed their own polyester clothing (bell bottoms and all!) and raised us kids as part of their little village.

When Dad would go out to sea for months at a time, Mr. Hen was usually on shore duty and he would help by keeping the old Mustang running and fixing leaky sinks. Dad would return the favor when Mr. Hen was sailing the seas. Mr. Hen turned 70 and in true Mrs. Faye style, she’s throwing him a surprise party this Saturday. Although it’s hard to tear myself away from my ‘to do’ list, relationships are so important to me that I wouldn’t miss this event for the world!

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