May 26, 2009

To West Virginia & Back

Ya'll know me, I love to travel! I visited my first cousin in West Virginia over the weekend and I had a blast. I'd never been to WV so I welcomed the opportunity with open arms. I learned to play 'corn hole' and that was a lot of fun. My cousin Kristi introduced me to her neighbors as 'you know the one that makes jewelry'. I didn't know I was so popular ;-) While basking in my brief celebrity-ism, the big question was asked, "Did you bring any jewelry with you to show us?" That was a really good question and one that I was not the least bit prepared to act on. Of course, I made a mental note to self that from now on, I'll always carry a little something with me wherever I go.

By the way, June is almost here and I have a few things planned so stay tuned and invite your friends to follow me.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I know a celebrity! ;) Kind of makes you feel good, yes?

    You are one busy gal and I'm sure you have a blast in all your travels. Look forward to your June plans!