April 20, 2009

The Mysterious Pig's Foot

I spoke my story aloud as I walked the long roads on Sapelo Island, Georgia. The sun was shining bright and there was a gentle breeze in the air. During my long walks, I tried to carry only those things that I deemed necessary. These things included a pocket knife, walking stick, iPod, lighter and a water bottle. In hindsight, I should have made room for a small notebook and a pen so that I could capture those thoughts that I felt were so profound.

Stories rushed to me and at times they were overwhelming. I’m sad to report that I can’t remember a single one now that I’m back on the mainland. The things that I do recall are the blooming flowers, the buzzards circling overhead, the heat of the asphalt as I rested in the middle of the road and the good home cooking that I enjoyed over the long weekend. My most interesting find was the pig’s foot that I glimpsed resting at the edge of a creek, just beneath the brown water. I had to do a double-take because I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. Then, the questions starting flooding my mind; I wanted to know how it got there any why it was there. I stretched my imagination to try to create something remotely realistic but everything I grasped slipped away quickly. The hoof remains a mystery and I’ll file it alongside the live flounder I found a long time ago, on the road, several miles from the water’s edge. I still wish to this day that I had picked up that fish and fried it! Silly me, I went back the next day to see the remains and it had vanished. Someone or something took advantage of a free meal.

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