April 29, 2009

Are you feeling pretty?

As Lashawnda and I talked about everything under the sun during a brunch at Zada Janes on Central Avenue in Charlotte, she presented me with an interesting question that was totally out of the blue, "Are you feeling pretty today?". Of course, this was intriguing since, as quiet as it's kept, I feel pretty good about myself most days. The result was a front page photo of me. Check out the online publication Q City Metro at http://www.qcitymetro.com/.

Celebrate you!


  1. When I read "Lashawnda", I had to do a double take as my mom's name was Lawana - they are both beautiful names.

    Great picture of you! Hmm, do I feel pretty? As I sit here on the couch with my bedhead and... why yes, I feel pretty!

    Oh and I love Ron's answer about his nose. He's quite the looker I must say :)

  2. ...thanks so much for visiting my blog. hmmm...do i feel pretty today? well, i did brush my teeth, but not my hair, i played tennis and i still haven't had my shower...i would have to say, not particularly, but i know that i'm loved even when i don't feel that i look my best:) xo, mickey