March 16, 2009

Recent Road Trip

This past Thursday, I had dinner with two of my good friends, Tonya and DeeDee. I shared with them that I'd be traveling to Jacksonville, Fl this weekend with Eric, my husband. Tonya said, “You sure do like to drive”. Of course, I like to drive because I can take in all of the scenery. I enjoy looking at the trees in bloom, the birds flying, the marsh in Georgia…I could go on and on. Flying is nice but it’s not very inspiring.

On my most recent road trip, I found my way to St. Helena Island, SC to pay a visit to the Red Piano Too Gallery ( Victoria Smalls, the manager, viewed my newest creations and provided me with some encouragement to keep moving forward with my art.

While visiting the gallery, I dropped off new pendants that feature my diversity painting of the eye and peace sign plus the rose gold earrings (I’ve been tempted to keep these to myself but I really need to share them). I also made some bottle cap pendants too from a greeting card that I received on Christmas. The card had been hanging on a bulletin board in my room for quite some time and one morning, I woke up, looked at it and was immediately inspired to create something with it.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m really into pendants these days. Pendants are so flexible and it’s easy to change them out based on my outfit. I hope to have some new listings added to soon.

I’ve started working on two new paintings and I will post pictures of them soon. Painting is a catalyst for me to get the most out of my time…I can paint, decorate my house with my own creations (I really need to learn to part with my paintings) and I can leverage the art and turn them into pendants! That’s way cool…if I may say so myself.

I have a few pieces of stained glass cut out but I haven’t been in the mood to grind lately. I need to full day to grind, foil and solder and time is scarce these days. I’ll get back to it soon…I feel it coming.

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