March 26, 2009

The Boss of Me

Anytime I have a full day or most of the day to myself, I am flooded with ideas on how to spend my precious time. I have an unyielding desire, almost to the point of burning, to set my own pace on a daily basis which is difficult since I work full-time in corporate America. When I say set my own pace, I don’t mean in a lazy way but moreover, in a way that will allow me to be the boss of me, my time and how it is spent.

No doubt, there will be days when I feel like doing absolutely nothing but hopefully, the productive days will far outnumber the less productive ones. I wholeheartedly recognize that life imposes its own demands so to live in absolute oblivion to my surroundings is far fetched and unrealistic.

Perhaps all of this point to the control freak that dwells within my temple. Maybe maturity is speaking from its deep understanding that my time is finite. Nonetheless, everyday I take a step towards that place that I want to experience on my own terms and on a continous basis. Whether it is grinding a piece of glass, creating jewelry, taking a class or painting a picture; I am setting the pace. Outside of the tangible things, there are intangibles such as conversations and seeing inspiration in the most common of things that I long to explore during those same hours that I am sitting behind my desk at work.

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