November 10, 2008

Sand, Candles & Black Drums = a la Inspiration

Sometimes people get into routines and habits for no good reason. Like my habit of leaving out for road trips between 8:00a and 9:00a. This approach allows me to sort of sleep in before I leave. Routines and habits are meant to be changed and I embraced that mantra for my most recent trip by leaving out at 3:30a. I’d heard of people leaving at the butt crack of dawn before and I always put them in the category of being ‘slap crazy’. But in my quest to make the first boat to Sapelo Island, Georgia at 9:00a, I joined the ranks of those ‘slap crazy’ people and committed to this departure time with all of my heart and soul. I struggled with the earliness of it all around 5:00a but once the sun starting emerging over the trees, all was right in the world. Here’s a recap of my fabulous trip to Sapelo.

Once on the island Saturday morning, my sister and I hooked up with Barbara, the stained glass lady, to make candles on the sand at the beach. Barbara had all of the stuff ready, wax, crayons, large spoons for digging, burners for melting the wax. The sun was warm on our skin and the tide was out which gave us a lot of beach to work with. We melted wax in old pots, added crayons to create unique colors, poured the hot liquid into the holes made on the beach and added the wicks. To add a little more creativity, we found shells and sticks on the beach and added them to the hot wax. Don’t forget about the fragrance! After they cooled, we dug them up and voila! We had ‘sandles’ (get it, candles + sand = sandles). The appearance of the candles was organic and earthy. Overall, they were all very pretty in their own special way. This adventure took hours and it was jammed packed with lots of laughs, political conversation, quietness and sun gazing. I would highly recommend this activity the next time you go to the beach.

Saturday night, we went to the Trough, Sapelo’s only bar and had adult beverages and talked trash over a hand of spades. Sunday morning, Larry, my brother-in-law, woke me up before heading out to work as the ferry boat captain to remind me that the tide was just right for fishing. I jumped out of bed, dressed, packed snacks, gathered tackle, bait and poles and headed to Cabretta beach to fish from the bridge. If you love fishing like I do, the best thing that can happen is that you catch a ‘mess of fish’. I caught better than a ‘mess of fish’, I caught a five gallon bucket full of mostly Black Drums. I am still floating on cloud nine from having such good fishing luck. All day Saturday, I had heard about others on the island ‘tearing up’ the fish; meaning they caught a lot and I wanted to join their ranks. Once the cleaning of the fish started, I had second thoughts about keeping so many and they didn’t seem that big after all. Cleaning fish is a lot of work, especially when the biting gnats join in.

Throughout my adventure, I looked for inspiration for my art. I decided to create a “Black Drum” jewelry collection that would feature items that were black and white to honor my lucky fishing day. If you are not familiar with Black Drums and what they look like, check out the images by accessing the following link:

As always, I’m conjuring a plan for my next trip. Although I left the island fully believing that I would not return until the new year, I’m not sure I can keep that promise.

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