October 16, 2008

When does a vacation really start?

When does a vacation really start? This question has truly been on my mind for a few years. Ever since I started striking out on my own and vacationing with girlfriends, this question has been burning me up. Seriously, think about the process of planning a trip...coordinating calendars, finalizing a date, requesting time off, coordinating outfits and jewelry (let's not forget the jewelry). etc.

Some trips are planned far in advanced but somehow, time has a way of filling the space or wrinkling itself and before you know it, the trip is just a wake up away.

Well, today is the day before my trip and I'm writing this blog from a hospital waiting room. But really, my body is here but my mind is on the highway, speeding towards St. Helena, SC to drop off some jewelry. When I'm not speeding down the highway, I'm at the dock, loading my weekend gear on the ferry. Crossing the water to peace and serenity. My tent is in tow and I'm wondering where I'll set up my pseudo camp for the weekend. I call it pseudo because I'll only sleep in the tent but all other "activities" will take place in the comfort of a climate controlled house.

Anyway, back to my original question...when does a vacation really start? When planning begins or the day you leave for your trip?

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