October 26, 2008

My Special Place

In November, I’ll celebrate four years of living in North Carolina. My husband and I moved our family from Jacksonville, Florida to be close to our extended family. We longed to be a part of a village and with most of my family in the area, we knew we would find what we were looking for. As luck would have it, we purchased the last available home in our neighborhood which is five doors down from my parents.

We moved in and set up house. The dining room was decorated and I pieced together antiques to create the ambience that I was looking for. My mom found an antique sofa at a good price and I went about decorating that room to my liking. As the months passed, dust collected in the unused rooms and I worked hard to keep them clean.

One day, I took a closer look at my favorite earrings and realized that I could make jewelry. I started buying things and making jewelry for friends. Classes were researched and I honed my skills. I still have some of my original pieces and I look at them and chuckle because I’ve come a long way baby.

I’m done with unused rooms and dusting them for the sake of keeping them picture perfect, I want to maximize my space and my investment. I converted those unused rooms into my studio and the transformation is a work in progress. Today, I worked on setting up shelves in the dining room where I do my stained glass. This room is a good space for cutting and grinding because it has hardwood floors. In addition to working on refining my workspace, I painted and covered an antique chair and I started painting a desk. The desk will help create a corner in my studio for my computer. I’m excited about the progress that I made today because it is important to find a balance between creating, organizing and managing a business. Being organized allows me to focus more on creating and less on looking for things.


  1. You are so lucky to have the space to devote to your craft! I would love to have a darkroom so I could go back to film...alas I lack the real estate! :)

    Love your pieces you sell on Etsy!

  2. Thank you for commenting on "My Special Place". In Charlotte, NC, they have a place called The Light Factory. Here's the link - www.lightfactory.org
    check it out. It's really interesting and I hope to take classes on day soon. I love photography. Best wishes and thank you very much for the compliment on my Etsy shop. Please keep in touch.