October 14, 2008

Moodoonie's First Blog Ever!

Well, I just signed up for my blog account and I'm getting warmed up. I love to write so this is right down my alley. I have late coverage at work until 7p and I'm dying to get home to grind on some stained glass. Check out Moondoonie.Etsy.com to explore my shop.

This weekend, I'm headed south to Sapelo Island, GA (I'm excited!) and on the way, I will stop by the Red Piano Too (www.redpianotoo.com) to update my work. Currently, I have glass beaded jewelry for sale in the gallery. I plan to add new items that were created using copper components and richer colors. In addition to adding new jewelry, I have a lovely stained glass panel (8x10) of a red setting sun. It's absolutely fabu! Finally, I will leave The Red Piano Too with a handpainted table with a lovely sun face.

I'll also stop by The Painted Moon in Darien, GA to browse Nancy Smith's collection. The trip will end at my destination at the Meridian Dock in time to catch the 3:30pm ferry to Sapelo. This weekend, as with every third weekend in October, SICARS (www.sapeloislandgeorgia.org) will host guests for their annual festival. I will indulge in shrimp and grits, fried fish, smoked mullet and other island cuisine.

Stop by soon for an update on my trip and don't forget to check out Moondoonie.Etsy.com for new items that are added weekly.

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