October 22, 2008

Mixing Business with Pleasure

It's always fun to mix business with pleasure. It provides me with a sense of accomplishment that I am getting something done while at the same time, I'm indulging in some 'me time'. As my trip wrapped up on Monday, I stood at the dock on Sapelo Island, GA, recounting the happenings from the weekend. Here are some of my random thoughts that I jotted down:

1. The number one question before my trip was, "are you going alone?". The question kept catching up with me at every turn and I pondered this as I drove down the highway towards St. Helena, SC alone, to drop off some new art work. I concluded that I like to 'go it alone' because I get to create my own schedule without consulting with someone else. I also don't have to worry about whether or not the other person is bored, happy, etc.

2. Once I arrived at the Red Piano Too on St. Helena, I received a warm and friendly welcome. I showed Ms. Mary Mack and her niece Victoria, my new work and we worked together to display it. This was the business part of the trip and it was well worth the excursion off my main route. The ladies asked me to create a stained glass Red Piano...stay tuned for that one! Additionally, I was asked to use more blue in other stained glass pieces. When I asked about the shade of blue, Victoria smiled and simply replied, "Anything blue will do".

3. Butch, Pete's dog, kept me company Sunday while I walked to the Post Office dock. Butch reminds me of 'old yeller'. He's a smart dog because when I arrived at the dock, I was really thirsty. My regular water hole was not accessible because the dock was almost under water. Butch must have read my mind and he showed me another spot next to a building. I was able to get a drink before heading back to Johnson Hammock.

Aside from my stop over in St. Helena and my walk with Butch, my trip was fabu! I listened to my thoughts and I was overwhelmed with inspiration. Sunday, we spent several hours in the woods eating wild mushrooms, sparkle berries and casting the net. That evening, on our way back to the house, there was a fire going in Ceasar's yard so we stopped to talk trash and warm up. During this stop, I ate my first coon and it was quite tasty.

On December 6, I plan to head south again to attend the Red Piano Too's Wash Day exhibit. I've already sketched out my stained glass pattern for this juried event.
I'm always up to something, creating something or thinking about creating something so check back soon for updates on my adventures.

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