February 15, 2016

urban adventures at home

I love the many green ways and trails in my home time of Concors NC. Add in access to Charlotte's trails and you have the recipe for adventures close to home. This was yesterday's adventures in the Concord Mills area.


February 14, 2016

changing directions

I've been making jewelry for some years now and dabbling in many things handmade. I enjoy working with my hands and taking cues from nature. Nowadays, I'm more focused on nature than jewelry so you'll see some changes to my blog and posts moving forward. I hope you stay along for the ride as I have many adventures planned for the coming months and years. 

July 28, 2015

my talented partners

While I like to think my handmade goods are the center of attention, at The Boulevard at Southend in Charlotte, NC, I am surrounded by many many talented artists. Moko & Co designs their own textiles & then turns them into everyday, unique, accessories.